My First Blog

I am very lucky, I am just working term time so I have spent some time over the summer being creative.

I have started a number of projects at the moment. An embroidered Schnauzer which will become a cushion, he is from an oil painting I have produced of my brother's dog Dexter. I photographed the painting and then printed it onto fabric, finally adding the embroidered touches using embroidery threads. Dexter now needs to be turned into a cushion, he keeps on looking at me, making me feel guilty.

At the same time I have been helping my dad change his greenhouse into a shed. He has been watching all the Shed of the Year programmes and I'm wondering what the plans will really be like, how grand will these plans be? We've been discussing getting light into the space, reusing wood and our first job tidying up already went astray, with me instead trying to pull bindweeds and a bramble up. We have demolished the original greenhouse leaving the footings and existing brickwork.

We have 4 sides of framework up, having good weather today has made that possible. We have only clad some of the framework so far, but my hammering skills and painting skills have certainly improved.

a hint at what colour the outside will be.

The shed will not be finished this year as we have to get it water tight, then the fun will begin designing the space.

In about 13 months time look out for another blog with the finished shed, hopefully it will be full of photos showing the wonderful space that has been created.

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