March Meet the Maker and 100 days project

I have spent the last month taking part in @Marchmeetthemaker challenge with the lovely @JoanneHawker. This was a month of posting on particular subject areas each day. There is a Facebook group so people can ask for help with ideas and its just generally a nice place to be and chat with other artists and makers. I really enjoy

So this takes me to the 100 day project that I've started in April, a chance to post 100 days of animals. I'm trying to improve my sketching skills as I have a habit of drawing things from particular angles I'm pushing my knowledge of animals, some will be cartoonish and others will show more reality. Though all will need to be quite limited on time as otherwise I won't manage anywhere near the 100. Will I manage the 100 probably not but I'm going to enjoy the process and it will help me develop more of my ideas that I've been holding onto for ages.

First of my 100 day project that I have posted was my white rabbit, I've always wanted to make this into a cushion I have tried him as a felt cutie and although he was cute it was a lot of hours and wou

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