Schnauzerfest Weekend

We had the Schnauzerfest weekend just a couple of weeks ago. This is a charity to raise money for those dogs who have not had great starts to their lives, many have come from a puppy farming background. The weekend was a chance for Schnauzers (and some honorary schnauzers) across the country to come out on walks organised by volunteers to help raise money for this great cause.

Unfortunately to some animals are a commodity, and some breeders are leaving animals in poor conditions and breed with animals that are not suitable for breeding (hereditary conditions). Schnauzerfest raises money for the Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre (DBARC) based in Berkshire. DBARC uses funds raised by Schnauzerfest to provide a sanctuary and veterinary treatment for schnauzers that come to them through the year. As well as raising money for rescue dogs, Schnauzerfest also wants to raise awareness of the cruel world of puppy farming.

On Saturday 12th October I went along to the Southsea walk with my miniature Schnauzer Bertie. It is always lovely to see other owners and chat about their dogs characters and find others who might be local for walks or another social media account to follow(at least 50% of the instagram accounts I follow are dogs).

It was not great weather but we still had a fair amount of Schnauzers with one Black Giant Schnauzer, a few Standard Schnauzers and many a Mini Schnauzer.

Its great that we can get together and help raise money for those animals who are in need, this year they have raised £78,808. Please do have a look at the Schnauzerfest website and DBRAC website to find out more.

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