Christmas Gifts for Dogs and their owners.

Doggie Christmas Guide with pictures of all the different images below

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

It's the time of year that we start panicking about all the gifts we have to buy and some smug friend has already finished all their shopping. Although your dog won't know it's a special time of year its still nice to get them a little present. So when it comes to your dog what could you get?

A fleece for your dog to wear in a range of colours and styles

Equafleece: from £20+

I have a Tankie for Bertie and they are recommended by many Schnauzer owners, a fleece which keeps them warm and dry. There are a number of different colours and styles out there and if you are not sure of the size just phone them up and they will be able to help you.

Knitted Pride Bow Tie for your dog in Pride colours

Pride Bow Tie by Wool and Water €19.99

Your pupster can be a dashing hound, with this delight. This lovely knitted bow tie is available in a number of colours including Pride colours, my favourite. 50% of all total sales of the Pride Bow Ties & Bow Wow Ties will be donated to International LGBT Charity Stonewall. All Bow Wow Ties simply attach to your pet's existing collar via an elastic popper attachment, super easy.

Dog wearing a bow shaped decoration attached to collar

Glitter Bow Dangle by Rye & Wren from £10

This is for those who love their pup to look their best even when on a muddy morning walk. A little bit of glitter particularly at this time of year will cheer any dog lover.

2 Schnauzers wearing Schnauzerfest bandanas

Moo Moo & Bear: Collar from £10 Accessories from £5

Its the time of year for a new collar or accessory so check out Moo Moo & Bear for lots of

different choices, they have some lovely designs and are very well made.

Christmas Schnauzer Badge
Dog Mama Badge

Miss Rose Creates: badges from £9.50

A few of the items that you can buy for your loved ones to wear to show their love of your dog.

Rectangular Christmas Cracker for Dogs

Fish 4 Dogs Christmas Cracker £3

As my little munchkin is very food orientated I always look for some nice treats, so when I saw the cracker from Fish 4 Dogs it was the perfect item for my little foodie, he loves all their treats and food.

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