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We’ve got over the January hump which can be difficult after Christmas and tomorrow it’s that day, which can bring out the best and worst in people, Valentines Day. You will hear the normal chants of too commercial, and what about all us singletons! I say you decide on what Valentine’s Day means to you and how you celebrate, and with Galentines/Palentines Day (13th February) you can send messages to all the special people in your life.

I still remember the year that my mum gave my brother and I valentines gifts, we both got a little valentines bear who was wearing a little rucksack, mine was called Valentine and he came with a little message. How adorable is my mum!

I will be spending the day with my cheeky little schnauzer, we won’t be eating steak, we’ll just be acting like it’s any other day of the week. Dogs are the best company their love is unconditional. I won’t give him a card as he will just rip it up, 😉 but will think about how he has changed my life for the better.

So remember how lucky you are to have loved ones in your life and those with dogs give them an extra squeeze from me

Love Thief Schnauzer card that says you've stolen my heart

What do you do to celebrate?

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