The Mad Hatter is one of my favourite characters from Wonderland, and so in tribute here is a special piece of artwork. Approximately 14.5x21cm and on a glossy card it is for those who love a bit of pastel power.
Whilst on a printmaking course in 2008 I started a Wonderland project, creating designs based on the original illustrations by Sir John Tenniel. Many of my Wonderland illustrations are just using black, white and red but I decided that I wanted to create a full colour Mad Hatter as well. this ones is part screen printed and then coloured using coloured pencil and pens to give a grainy and smooth effect.
Whenever I look at it, I think about having a nice cup of tea around a large table with the March Hare, Dormouse and Mad Hatter.

Packs of 5 Mad Hatter A5 postcards