These 5 different Schnauzer postcards are based on the adventures of Bertie my Mini Schnauzer. They are A6 in size and are kept in a cellophane bag.


Postcards include:

Top Hat-New years eve and Bertie is dressed to the nines as he has been invited to a very exclusive party. 


Cowboy- it's lucky there's a new sheriff in town, as Dexter has been a mischievous little boy and stolen all the chew toys.


Halloween- It's monstrous out there and Bertie & Dexter are joining the party. 


Teacher's pet-Dexter is taking Bertie through his basic training. This includes puppy eyes, how to react to the postman and how to get your owner to scratch that really itchy spot.


Wonderland-tea for two and two for tea. The mad hatter & white rabbit are having a tea party who wants to join in?

Schnauzer(pack of 5 postcards)