A wonderland of postcards.This contains a pack of 5 of the Alice in Wonderland characters as shown in the photographs.  The images are based around Sir John Tenniel's illustrations. We have the white rabbit, Alice, the Red Queen, Mad Hatter and the Jack.


I originally produced the Alice in Wonderland images for a project in 2008, these were intaglio prints which uses indents into a plate made from metal or Perspex. The ink is added into the indents with the excess being wiped up. The paper has been laid in a bath of water. The plate is placed on the press and the paper added on top.  Then the design is put through the press. These intaglio prints were then scanned in and some photoshop magic and these were my finished designs. I ocassionally sell hand screen printed versions of these prints.


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Wonderland Postcards (Pack of 5)